Archive – the Path to Now

Change is a symptom of growth.  It’s important to remember where we’ve been, the things that we meditated on as we traveled to this moment.  In the last three years, I have grown tremendously, like a toddle entering childhood.  There was a time when nothing mattered to me more than this nation.  I love the American dream. I love freedom. And I love the celebration of human goodness that embodied the American spirit.  So I was politically active; politics and current events ruled my life.

As political discourse degraded into division, I found that this was not a productive use of time and energy.  I felt like a mother watching her children fight.  I just want the heart of this nation to find healing.  This last election proved that there is no earthly man, woman, or ideology that will heal us.  When history is on the line, we should place our faith in something greater than humanity.

So I began to pursue Truth and I found God.  He had been there all the time, but I rarely acknowledged Him.  Just the occasional nod as we do when we acknowledge the host of a lovely party.

When I found God, I found Truth and rest and a love that I get to participate in.  Instead of striving to be on the right team, God is showing me how to see the people around me, not just democrats or republicans.  The value is in the people, something I always knew but I may not have lived out.

I have found healing in the Lord and I hope to share that through this blog.  But I don’t want to forget how I got here, where I once was.  There is value in the thoughts that brought me to this place, so those will be stored here on this page.